Liberty Bell — 2001 Ornament

2001 "Liberty Bell" Ornament

2001 "Liberty Bell" Ornament


Christmas 2001arrived just after the 9/11 World Trade Center – Pentagon attack.  Patriotism was feverish and I wanted to be reminded that all the rights we enjoy in this country are based on liberty conferred to us by our God.

Without God, there is no true freedom or liberty because we are ruled by self or other humans like ourselves who, no matter how well intentioned, eventually defer to self at the expense of others. 

The ornament is with the word “Liberty” affixed to its edge to depict the famous Liberty Bell.  Inside are “engraved” the following words from the American Declaration of Independence:

…all (people) are created equal (and) endowed by theirCreator with certain inalienable rights…
— American Declaration of Independence, 1776