Me. Glenn Trevisan.      P    hoto by Rich at “KBN,”  January 2012

Me. Glenn Trevisan. Photo by Rich at “KBN,”  January 2012

Average people matter to God.  I’m proof.

I accepted Jesus' invitation to follow him as my Lord and Savior in September 1983. Over the years, I came to understand that decision as a continuation of God’s work in me that began even before I was born. My acceptance of him changed how I relate to Him in a way that continues to shake and shape me today – in inspiring and challenging ways.  Mine is a lifelong journey shared with all believers of Jesus Christ.

ROAD REPORT shares from my journal how God is shaping me in my day-to-day experiences, reading, reflection, prayer, and encounters with others.  While these “Road Reports” are primarily personal reflections, I pray they resonate with fellow Christians to also grow in your relationship with our Lord.  I hope my writing also intrigues people “on the fence” about, or even opposed to Jesus to be open to consider entering into a real, day-to-day relationship with him.

My family: Son-in-law, daughter, me, wife, son (2013)

My family: Son-in-law, daughter, me, wife, son (2013)

Finally, get that I am no more qualified or worthy to be a follower or disciple or representative of Jesus than anyone else.  Therein lays the beauty of my story and these "Road Reports" - that God is very into average.


Bible References

Be advised that I reference the Bible in my ROAD REPORT posts.  While I select various translations, assume the latest NIV version unless otherwise noted.

A Little History

Road Report at originally launched in April 2012 under a different URL,  The 300 or so Road Reports under FarmingtonGlenn are archived but only a few were brought across when Road Report Journal launched in February, 2017.  Some may surface again but if you have a favorite from the past, let me know.  Might be worth another go-around.

About the stories

The stories I tell are all true but details have been changed:

  • If I say I talked with a “man,” it may be a woman;
  • If I write, “Last week,” it may have happened ten years ago;
  • A “young man” may be old; a “friend” may have been a co-workers; and a “co-worker” may have been a close friend.

Some stories are an amalgam of two or three stories; Unless specifically named, no story regards you (or someone you know) unless every story is.

If you think a story is literally about you, you are wrong. But if you recognize yourself in a story, I’m glad.

Please don’t ask me (or try to determine) who the story literally portrays. All the stories portray you and me. Every one. But none of them do so literally.

Glenn Trevisan


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