Deregulation Notice

Photo by  Stefan Cosma  on  Unsplash

Seems overly “governmenty” to declare deregulation for Road Report Journal (RRJ) but I thought some kind of notice was in order.  Been thinking about this awhile - to pull away from weekly RRJ posts arriving on Tuesday morning and ease into a more spontaneous schedule.

Less regularity may look like less or more than weekly with posts; And days other than Tuesday too.

With sympathies to my pastor friends, I do not have their Sunday sermon grind to hold to.  No one is showing up to read RRJ posts Tuesday morning.  I imposed that schedule on myself as a sort of test for putting content “out” with enough regularity to warrant having a blog at all.

According to marketing gurus, a couple important keys to building brand and audience are frequency and repetitiveness.  Note commercials on TV, radio and annoyingly scrolling across or blocking your reading view when you’re on the net. Blogwise, daily posting is considered optimal so my weekly posts are falling way short of the minimum.  

Much as I still enjoy writing in general and Road Report Journal in particular, I hoped it would be develop into more a dialogue than a monologue.  In my mind’s eye, reader comments and my replies would be the backbone of us fellow believers walking out faith together in a pseudo public context that other readers along the way could benefit and grow from.  

Alas, subscribers are few, readers fewer and, besides one particular friend, commenters virtually non-existent.  Often, remarks to posts striking closest to home do not appear in comments but circle back to me offline because someone suspects I’m writing about them in particular and wants me to answer directly to them.

I’m heading that kind of stuff off with some new policies.  See the “About” page for more on that.

To you who both subscribe and read, thanks for supporting RRJ with your attention. I’m particularly grateful for your comments because others can also benefit from your insights.

Looking forward, Road Report Journal posts will arrive “as the Spirit moves me” to coin an over-worn idea.  Although I’m not holding myself to a weekly schedule, perhaps posts over a given period will average to once weekly or more.  Arrival days will vary but only on a weekdays.

Gonna cue more on the rhythms of life and resurrect some focuses shoved aside due to time constraints the writing process has eaten up.  A few house projects are pending and my guitar is gathering dust.

Perhaps (hopefully?), Road Report Journal will emerge better.  

Now concerning the times and the seasons, brothers, you have no need to have anything written to you. (1 Thessalonians 5:1, ESV)

Paul wrote this regarding the Lord’s next arrival.  He followed by insisting that we who follow the Lord and cue on him know him, are known by him and will (or should) be awake and sober of mind when he arrives.

Take it from Paul.  You don’t really need me to write the Lord into your life but I delight to reflect to you about how we matter to him in the context of my own journey along the roads of life.  Also, writing helps me to internalize the life lesson I'm writing about.  I'm pretty sure I get more out of this than you.

Most of all, I pray that all forms of my expression are ultimately blessing and grace to you. 

Because you matter to God!
— Road Report Journal